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The Spectrumschool offers technical, vocational, and part-time vocational education. The main focus in our schools educational offer is woodcrafting, mechanics, electrcity and electronics. We have a staff of around 100 people and around 650 students. Most of our students have a different cultural background. 

By offering every student education tailored to an individual, the Spectrumschool aims at equal opportunities. Not only learning to learn, but also learning to choose and learn how to live with each other are important in our school.

The Spectrumschool would like to represent the society in which it functions. Learning to deal with all forms of diversity is crucial. The socioeconomic background of a student should in no case be a determining factor.

We want the students to have a broad view on the world and a healthy interest in technology teaching. In addition, we respond to technological innovations, social and educational developments.


Ruggeveldlaan 496

2100 Antwerp







Telephone:+32 332 805 00



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