ETIE is a Leonardo da Vinci Partnership project created under LLP, and it is formed by partners from four countries: Belgium, Poland, Spain and Turkey. Although they are very different countries, partners have many common interests.


All partners are vocational schools working around Electrics and Electronics.


All partners want to improve their teaching practice and to share experiences and good practices in classrooms and workshops.


All partners are committed to improve students’ technical qualification and, therefore, their employment possibilities.


All partners recognize the value of cooperative learning and are open to new ideas and strategies in teaching from different cultures and systems.


All partners are committed to apply new techniques in electrics and electronics based on the use of clean energy environmental friendly and energy saving.


All partners have silent partners, which will present work life culture in every country.


All partners have found a lot of common issues in the field of Electrics and Electronics VET.


For these reasons, we believe that this common interest will be the main motivating factor within this partnership, and the key to its success.


Learning-by-doing method will mainly be used. Besides the continuous flow of information among partners, the objectives will be achieved in working meetings by:


- Mutual work on “Technical Projects”.

- Analysis of curricula and innovative practices.

- Analysis of profile for ElectroTechnician that currently requires labour market.

- Communication in English and intercultural dialogue.


We are committed to improve the skills and professional qualification of future ElectroTechnicians to Install Europe.